A poem written by one of our Store Manager colleagues - Micheal McGurn - about his experience of recent times.

Toolstation Together

Is it Monday or Tuesday? It doesn’t really matter,
With each day feeling much like the latter,
The last few months have gone by in a blink,
We've had to adapt with little time to think,
At work our processes react and evolve,
And sometimes these changes test our resolve,
With Jot-forms, Pow Wows and modified plans,
And the sudden surge in customers’ demands,
The methods are different but the job is the same,
Supporting the trade’s still the name of the game,
We do what we do with a thumbs up and smile,
Efficient, consistent and simple in style!

We clap for our carers and it's right that we do,
But we need to applaud our team mates too,
For the resilience they’ve shown and the effort they make,
The key work they do and the pride that they take,
So thanks to the packers and pickers and drivers,
To IT and Payroll and the Central advisors,
And all of our team mates who are working from home,
Processing orders and answering phones,
The two-meter greeters who manage our queues,
While smiling and seeking out Google Reviews,
To the family members who’ve worked in our stores,
And every colleague who walks through our doors!

With an uncertain future always on our mind,
We choose to be brave and we choose to be kind,
Working together we keep our composure,
We are six feet apart but we’ve never been closer,
Rarely there’s time for a moments reflecting,
Between delivery, returns, picking, collecting,
But if you think where we were when this journey begun,
Then look around to see just how far we’ve come,
In the rain and the wind and the cold and the sun,
We roll up our sleeves to get the job done,
Proving once more that whatever the weather,
We are at our best when we are Toolstation Together!