After just one year working as a Store Supervisor, Jayne Plant was chosen to run the brand new Liverpool Edge Lane branch when it opened in 2019. Not only has she excelled in her role as Store Manager, but she also likes to share her enthusiasm by training new store colleagues, and continues to push her development further by making the most of Toolstation’s varied training and apprenticeship schemes.

We caught up with Jayne to ask her about her Toolstation journey, and what lessons she’s learned along the way.

What’s your day-to-day like as a Store Manager?
I like to think that the core of the role is leading by example. I’m there to support and guide my team to provide an excellent customer experience. So whether it’s our service, health and safety, or stock accuracy - I’m setting those high standards and making sure everyone else follows suit. I also have a responsibility to encourage and nurture my team members so that they can develop their skill set, learn more about the business, and be ready for opportunities to move higher up in the company if they choose to. Just like I did!

How did to get to where you are now?
Well I joined Toolstation as a Supervisor in 2019, and I stayed in the role for about a year. Over that time I was supporting many different stores across the division, networking with different colleagues and generally just learning a whole lot about how the company works. I was also working on our Retail Development Plan course, which was teaching me a lot about our stores - it’s where I learned about the Store Manager role. I reached a point where I felt I could manage my own team and run a really good store, so when a brand new branch opened in Liverpool Edge Lane, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply. Since then, I’ve also taken on the additional responsibility of being a Store Training Manager, which allows be to show my passion for the company by providing a great onboarding experience for new colleagues. I love demonstrating all the great reasons to work at Toolstation, so that was a key achievement for me.

How has Toolstation supported your development?
As well as the Retail Development Plan course, I also completed a Level 4 Retail Manager qualification through the company, and I’m currently working towards HR Level 3 Support certificate which I should complete later this year. It’s quite amazing how many different apprenticeships and courses Toolstation offers, so no matter what direction you see your career heading, there are extensive resources you can take advantage of. Everyone here is also really supportive, which has been especially important while I’ve been working towards my apprenticeship.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The best thing about it is just working with such a great group of people, and that’s both at my store and within the company as a whole. I’ll admit that I did have some small worries when I joined Toolstation that I’d struggle as a female in a predominantly male working environment. But I find Toolstation to be a really down to earth place to work. It feels comfortable and familiar to walk into any store, office or DC – everybody makes me feel welcome and supported. I never feel alone, I know I’m part of a great team and we all have each other’s back.

What would you say to someone who was considering a career at Toolstation?
Come and join us! I’m still here after 5 years because of the ongoing opportunities to challenge and develop myself, alongside supportive and engaging people. But we’re a growing business, so take every opportunity as it comes and be prepared for some changes. But don’t be scared to play a part in making those changes happen!

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